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Missoula R/C
Car ModelingTutorial AddedSaturday, January7th

I've never quite found a car modeling tutorial that struck me as one I could do easily with ease. So I decided to throw one together for all the new modelers out there. I hope you like the tutorial, and if you have an requests send me an e-mail at the contact to the left. Car Model

Blueprint Tutorial AddedWednesday, January 4th

Finally added a tutorials Section. Soon I will be uploading some blueprints that I have made, either using other blueprints as blueprints or, just on my own in general. Anyways, the tutorial section now houses a tutorial on Setting up your blueprints in Lightwave. BluePrints
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[Mustang Fastback]

[Audi Allroad Quattro]

[BMW M3]

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